AR Information Design

[1]. If you have an XML file, please upload it here.
[2]. Please enter the name or a summary of your target task(s) below. (max. 200 characters)
[3]. Please enter a brief description of the task below. ( max. 200 characters)
[4]. Select the head-mounted display (HMD) to be used for the task.
[5]. Register the initial settings for the main panel.
[5-1]. Select the coordinate system in which the main panel will be fixed at the start of the task.
[5-2]. (If you want to change the coordinate system to which the main panel is fixed) Select the coordinate system that can be changed. (Multiple selections are possible.)
[6].(If you use) register the coordinate system.
# Coordinate System Alignment Method Alignment Method Operation
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Alignment model name Alignment model URL
Marker type QR code string Marker size
[7]. Please enter the name of the task process. ( max. 60 characters )
# Process Operation
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[8]. Select the process you need to edit and follow the " Flow of Use" to enter information step by step.
# Step Content Material Operation
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Material: Image URL Material: Video URL
# SubStep Operation
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Visualization Method:
[S1]. Select the type of substep.
[S2]. Select the main information to convey to the worker in this substep.

Select the substep type.
[S3]. Select a tracking technology that estimates the positional and postural information of the location to display the information.
[S2-1]. Please select the tracking DoF available.
[S4]. Check the boxes for matching your working condition.
[S5]. Click the button below to select the most suitable visualization method from the candidates outputted.
List of visualization method candidates
Selected visualization method
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Not registered. Subpanel (Material: ) 3D model Pointer rope
Name Displayed text Image URL Video URL Displayed text Coordinate system Description Changeable elements

Name 3D model URL Coordinate system Description Changeable elements

Name Start point End point
[9]. Once you have completed the AR Information Design Table, click the button below to download the XML file.