Dr. AR

AR information design tool for task support

This tool assists in the design of high-quality AR task support systems using head-mounted displays (HMDs) from working procedure manuals. The site recommends suitable visualization candidates among various visualization methods according to the contents of the task and the system technology used.

Our Features

① Design of HMD-based AR systems

Dr. AR assists in designing an AR task support system using an HMD and AR markers.

② Recommendation of suitable visualization methods for factory work

Dr. AR recommends suitable visualization method candidates from among many various AR visualization methods by the easy entry and selection of your tasks and systems.

③ No expertise in AR or MR

Dr. AR shortens the process in which AR experts analyze the working operations and environment, devices used.

Notes: Currently, there is no destination for the XML file that this site will finally output. Therefore, please use it as a reference for designing your own AR task support system.