Here, the following information is inputted based on the previous process ("①Decomposition into subtasks" and "②Decision Tracking DOF") to create an information design table.

(1)For entire task, input the tracking DOF for the HMD used.
(2)For each subtask, input the subtask type and tracking DOF.
(3)After filling in the information, a list of available information presentation methods is displayed and you can select the most appropriate one for you. In this case, the supplementary tool are available to be used.
(4)After selecting the information-presentation method, the output is shown in the information design table at the bottom of the page.
(5)Download the completed information design table after repeating (2)-(4) for all remaining subtasks.

Input Form

(1)For the entire task
First, select the tracking DOF of the HMD to be used.
e.g., HoloLens or Magicleap: 3D position and rotation

User Tracking
3D position and rotation   3D position   3D rotation   N/A
(2)For each subtak(Subtask Number: 1)
For each subtask, select and input the information.
Note: Repeat this for all subtasks.

Subtask type
Work related to selection of "target object". This is the subtask for selecting, in advance, the target object to be handled in the following five subtasks and the installation locations. Accordingly, it is generally positioned ahead of all the following five subtasks.
   Installation(without explanation)
Work involved in simply placing the "target object" at the "installation location." ("installation location" refers to the location of placement.)
   Installation(with explanation)
Work related to the placement of the "target object" at the "installation location," where descriptions are needed for the associated operations such as "push" and "twist."
Work related to changing the shape of the "target object."
   Size Adjustment
Work related to investigating and setting the state of the "target object."
Work related to the measurement of the "target object," or user (point of gaze) movement associated with such operation.
Subtask content
Target object
Object Tracking
3D position and rotation   3D position   3D rotation   N/A
Target object name
Installation location
Object Tracking
3D position and rotation   3D position   3D rotation   N/A
Installation location name
A list of available information-presentation methods
You can use the selection support tool to select an appropriate method.





Information Design Table
User Tracking DOF:
Subtask Number Subtask content Subtask type Object Tracking Information-presentation Method Operation
Add this row below(), Delete this row(), Replace below()